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Please find below a list of questions and answers regarding the MySector1 system and the new style application forms.

What is the MySector1 section?

The MySector1 section provides the ability for registered visitors to the site to receive Job alerts, autocomplete application forms and save their progress of application forms. In the near future we will be allowing CVs to be posted which can then be searched by potential employers.

Why do I have to register?

The information required for sending Job alert and auto-completing application forms is personal to yourself and therefore we must secure this using a username and password, so only you can change this.

If I choose not to register, can I still receive Job alert and complete application forms?

Yes. For Job alert, simply use the Mailback section of the main website. You will only be able to add and delete your criteria, whereas in the MySector1 you can modify current mail backs. For application forms, you will be able to complete all forms, but you will not have the option for saving your progress, automatically populating the form with pre-defined information or viewing past application forms.

If I register with MySector1 for Job alert do I have to complete the application form information?

No. Once registered, you can choose only the sections of MySector1 which you are interested in.

What is auto-completing the application form and how do I set up information to do this?

From our research and the feedback we have received, we have noticed that job seekers spend a large duration of time completing application forms and creating some way to reduce this time became a priority. Therefore we have redeveloped the MySector1 section to allow application form specific information to be entered once and this will get used to initially autocomplete application forms.

Once registered, choose Application form information from the MySector1 section and you can complete the information for personal details, equal opportunities, references, employment and education. The more information entered here, the more information will automatically be entered on the application forms.

The application form is blank. Why doesn't the application form use the information I entered?

There are two possibilities for this. Firstly, make sure that you are logged in. You will be prompted to do this when opening the application form. Secondly, the new application form process is still in its infancy and not all of our clients have signed up to use the new style application forms. Therefore there will still be a mixture of the old style forms and the new autocomplete forms. Our aim is for all application forms to be the new autocomplete style, but until then you may have to manually complete the older forms.

Can I save my forms?

If you have registered to MySector1 then you will be able to save your progress while completing the new style application forms. Press the Save button at the base of the screen and your current progress will be saved. You can even close the form down and come back to it later.

How do I revisit application forms that I have saved or completed?

Within the MySector1 section, there is an area called Application forms and this will show all of the application forms that have been saved or completed. If your application is a draft (ie saved and not completed), then you will have the option to re-open the application and complete it. If the form was completed and submitted, then you will be able to view and print a version of the form for your own copy.

When completing my application form I receive a list of errors and warnings. What is the difference?

An error indicates that you have not completed a field that is required. You cannot complete the application form without filling these fields. A warning is simply pointing out that some sections have not been completed, but may not be relevant to yourself. The application form can still be completed without these.

Is the information I supply secure?

When providing information to the site in either the MySector1 section or the application form, all of your data is encrypted and transmitted using Secured Sockets Layer (SSL). Your information is then held on our server which is located in a secure premises which only Sector1 and our ISP have access to.

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