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When you’ve found your ideal job advertised on, how do you go about making sure you show the employer that you’re the ideal candidate? Whatever stage of the career ladder you’re at, job hunting can sometimes be a daunting task. For many people it may be the first time they have applied for a job or many years since they last applied for one or attended an interview.

In this section we offer some hints and tips to guide you through the job application process and make you stand out from the crowd as the best person for the job.

So whether you want advice, or guidance on how to write a fantastic CV or complete a job application form, sharpen your interview skills or improve your performance in psychometric tests, click on the links on the left to make the most of your skills and experience and land yourself your perfect job.

Also, in our Career Advice section, we have a basic guide to Employment Law to point you in the right direction for any employment related questions or queries you may have.