Supported Lodgings Providers job in County Durham

Supported Lodgings Providers

  • Employer - Durham County Council
  • Reference number -
  • Sector - Public - local government
  • Department - Social Care - Children Service
  • Location: - County Durham
  • Salary - Weekly payment
  • Duration - Permanent
  • Hours - Not specified
  • Closing date - Friday, 15 October 2021

Job Description

At Durham County Council we are recruiting people who can offer accommodation and support to 16-25 years old from across the county, as part of our Supported Lodgings scheme.

The young people may be leaving the care system, be vulnerable, or may have found themselves homeless for a variety of reasons and we need people to offer them a safe, supportive and friendly home environment, while supporting them to develop the skills to become independent.

Placements may be short term or for up to two years. The main aim is to help young people develop the skills they need to live independently.

Supported Lodgings providers come from all walks of life and do not require specific qualifications, it is about having the right qualities to work with young people and adults.

We offer a weekly payment as well as a high-quality training and support package.

You can become a supported lodgings provider if you:
• are aged over 21 and live within County Durham
• have experience with children and young people (this could be your own children)
• are patient, understanding, tolerant and resilient
• have the time, energy and space in your home (including a spare bedroom) to support young people
• would like to use your skills in a new way and develop further skills
• can provide a safe and secure environment in your home

Contact information

Contact us for further information. No need to fill in an application at this stage, simply call us on 03000 262 271 or email

To find out more about supported lodgings visit

How to apply

Please see the contact information section above for details about how to apply for this job.

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