Volunteer - Give something back & improve your CV

07 June 2018

Volunteering may seem like a waste of time, time you could be spending looking and applying for other jobs. However, there are many positives to volunteering for a local business or charity even if the end game is to get a job with a decent salary.


By volunteering, you tell your future employers that you are willing to give up your free time in order to help someone else. It shows that you are dedicated and flexible, a real bonus when they compare your application to those of people who say they’re willing to put in the extra work but have no way to prove it. Volunteering will also provide you with skills you may need to tap into when applying for future roles.


Although you may be focusing your energy on impressing potential employers, you may notice that volunteering is helping you to develop your personal skills as well. After a short time volunteering, you may notice yourself getting more confident and boosting your self-esteem. You will be expected to socialise with many different people allowing you to make connections with all the right people.  


You could even use Volunteering as a fulfilling way to take time out of your busy lifestyle or time away from a pressuring job role. When acting as a volunteer, you will be part of a team who will value your presence and make you feel like an essential part of the establishment.


Volunteering is a great way to help others. It doesn’t have to be a permanent job or even a full-time one, you can just volunteer in your free time and I can guarantee that the person, animal or establishment you are there for will be appreciative of your support – what an amazing feeling!


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