Summer Jobs

13 July 2018
Group of friends running happily together in the grass

There’s only one week to go before everyone breaks up for the summer and we know how exciting that can be!


At Sector 1, we understand that summer is possibly the best time of year when it comes to time off so if you’re a student or a recent graduate from High School it is unlikely that you will want to spend time away from your friends. The only downside is money – we know, we’ve been there. What’s the fun in having all summer off and not having the cash to get involved with all the summer activities?


There is a solution! There are some great part-time opportunities available over the summer that will keep your funds up without having to run to the bank of Mam and Dad and won’t keep you from enjoying your summer break.


Not only is a summer job a great way to earn a little bit of extra cash but you would also be able to gain experience and skills along the way making it a perfect foundation for when you do start applying for more permanent jobs. The employment world is growing more and more competitive so wouldn’t it be great to have a little experience and some basic skills under your belt?


Some of the top qualities employers look for are Organisation skills, Communication skills and Motivation. By taking the time to apply for and work a summer job it shows that you are eager, motivated and ambitious; very attractive traits when it comes to employers. So a summer job really is a great place to give you a head start in life!


At Sector 1, we know that attending interviews and even applying for jobs can be a daunting task so we came up with some tips to help you through the process.


Minimum wage chart


Under 18



25 and over







Anyone over the age of 13 is able to work part-time for an establishment but you must be over 16 in order to be allowed to work full-time.


Take a look at some of the part-time and full-time summer jobs we have on Sector 1 now!


We hope you enjoy your summer!