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Civil engineering jobs

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Interested in Engineering? Well, you should be! It’s one of the industries that’s steering the UK forward, helping us all to embrace, enjoy or utilise the latest innovations. Engineering covers many specialities, from civil and chemical to mechanical and electrical, even to aerospace. So, yes it’s exciting stuff, but you’ve got to be prepared to work hard to make it in your chosen field. And, after that, the personal and professional rewards are there for the taking…

Typically, to become a professional engineer means studying for at least four years, and in some cases more. So you really do need dedication and commitment, because you’ll have to have a degree qualification to pursue this career route. And getting a place at Uni can be quite competitive, so the first thing you need to do is get your head down and study hard at secondary school to get the grades you need to succeed!

Next up is deciding which area of Engineering you want to move into – whilst most courses are pretty general for the first year or two, allowing you time to choose a particular area of expertise, many might want you to specify your area of interest from the start. So you do need to take some time to think about that and come to the decision that’s right for you.

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Mechanical Engineering jobs

Industrial Engineering Jobs

OK, let’s move onto choosing a Uni. Don’t choose the one closest to home so you can bring your dirty washing back at the weekend! Look for colleges and universities running strong courses in the type of engineering you’re hoping to move into. That might mean moving a long way from home, but don’t panic. There’ll be massive support for you in all aspects of Further Education life, so all you need to do is focus on your studies and getting the best grades you can.

Graduate Engineering Jobs

When you’re getting near to the end of your course, take a bit of time out from the partying (!) to visit the Careers Development Unit at your college or Uni – there you’ll find seasoned professionals with loads of good advice, and they’ll even help you to put an interview-grabbing CV together. And once you’re qualified, make sure that you join a professional engineering society or association which will give you great networking opportunities and could well and truly boost your career prospects.

So, after those tips and advice, the only thing to say is Good Luck!

If this is your chosen route in life, we really do hope that you make the best of it and it makes the best of you.

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