Friends in a car share

Car sharing on your journey to work

Parking can be a nightmare for people working in busy city centre or town locations.  Not all companies offer parking facilities so when you're considering a new job it is important to think about the logistics of travelling too and from work.  How much you will spend on fuel? where you will park everyday?  Is there adequate public transport in place to make your daily commute easy?    Commuting can be stressful so make sure you have figured this all out before making your move.

Car sharing takes recognition of the fact that there are millions of empty car seats on UK roads every day and encourages people who may be going the same way to consider sharing their car journeys.  Many companies have car share pools in place and business parks like Quorum often have shuttle buses at the start and end of each day.

Car sharing schemes have many benefits:

  • Lower petrol costs for individuals so you can slash your fuel costs by 50% or more
  • Reduced CO2 emissions are great for the environment
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Less congestion on the roads resulting in quicker journeys for everyone
  • Social aspects and the opportunities to make new friends and contacts where you work

There are several car sharing schemes out there, many organised with the help of the national Liftshare network. Lots of these schemes are not restricted to cars either. There are also plenty of groups and ‘buddy’ schemes for walking, cycling, taxis and public transport out there. So however you get to and from work, there is sure to be a suitable sharing scheme out there for you!

How to get involved:

Employees: Click on the logo below to be taken through to the Liftshare website where you can register and connect with other workers travelling the same way.  Also ask the company about any car share schemes they might operate.

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Or click on any of the buttons on the right hand side of this page to be taken through to some of the existing car sharing schemes operating in the North

Employers/businesses: Car sharing is great for your employees and your corporate social responsibility. Why not set up your own car sharing scheme for your staff?

Find out how liftshare can help you set up a private car sharing group for your employees.