Let's talk money - Funding and Grants For Training

There are many, many funding options out there to help you as you grow your skills and work towards a brighter future.

In England you could apply for a bursary if you're aged 16-19 and studying at a publicly funded school or college in England - not a university or are on a training course, including unpaid work experience.  There is also the Care to Learn scheme for teenage parents aged 20 and under. You might also be eligible for help with your transport costs to and from your place of study, or even help with paying rent if you need to move away to gain the qualifications you’re after. Why not contact the college or further education institution you’re interested in and find out what’s available in your area?

For those over 19 there is financial support available for people of all ages who want to grow their skills. Firstly, you could ask your current employer to help pay towards a course if it would give you new skills that would benefit the business. Or you could look into the Adult Learning Grants and other career development style loans, if you want to move into higher education, there are student loans and other financial assistance schemes available.

Check out these helpful links to see what’s out there. And don’t let money worries stop you from achieving your goals – yes, you might need to budget a bit whilst you’re studying. But remember, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy a brighter future with better earning potential. So go for it