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Lead Game Developer

  • Employer - Tombola
  • Reference number -
  • Sector - Private
  • Department - Gaming
  • Location: - Sunderland
  • Salary - Competitive plus relocation package available
  • Duration - Permanent
  • Hours - Full time
  • Closing date - Sunday, 28 October 2018

Job Description

Location - Sunderland (Relocation package available)*

tombola is a family owned company based in Sunderland which operates the UK's, Spain's and Italy's biggest on-line bingo websites, (with offices in Madrid, Milan and Gibraltar).

Our approach is different to many of our competitors in that we produce all of our software ourselves; in fact just about every aspect of tombola is managed in-house. We have created all of our own games and take pride in our technical innovation and the strength of the development and design teams who use cutting edge technologies to drive the business forward.

The future of tombola couldn’t be brighter as we look to build on our existing market-leading presence.

What will you do?

tombola are looking for an individual who is bright, innovative and passionate about technology and game development and is a leader who will support the Bingo client team in the consistent delivery of game content to our market.

Qualified individuals are expected to be organised, with an ability to communicate articulately to range of different stakeholders and have a proven track record in AAA game design.

While years of development experience is a definite plus, building a motivated team who deliver exceptional products is at the heart of tombola. This is a rare opportunity to join a successful company that is growing at a rapid rate with exciting challenges to meet in the future.

In addition to this, 

  • Work with the Product Management team to prioritise the delivery of value to our player needs
  • Assess the workload vs. production capacity and ensure client team priorities are aligned to business objectives
  • Lead, advocate and collaborate on the architecture for game development
  • Actively participate in finding creative technical solutions where necessary
  • Ensure sharing and re-use of games and / or other solutions to contribute to acceleration of game content or solve challenges
  • Lead and collaborate with the team on the delivery process to ensure game content is delivered at speed and quality from your team
  • Participate in recruitment planning to ensure there is the necessary talent and resource to contribute to the growth and needs of tombola
  • The direct line management of non-technical resource, including animators and test analysts ensuring they feel valued and have goals to work towards
  • Hold performance development reviews to support personal development and professional growth within your team
  • Create a work environment that is motivating for team members and which fosters innovation and solutions for business challenges as we continue to grow


  • Prior experience in leading a delivery team
  • Previous roles in game development
  • Significant experience in architecting software solutions
  • Experience working with agile principles and practices
  • Experience of designing efficient software solutions
  • Strong team player, with good flexibility
  • JavaScript ES6
  • Typescript
  • Webpack
  • Pixi / Phaser
  • NPM
  • Cordova
  • Vue


  • Graduate in business or technology
  • Experience working in a consumer focused or technical business
  • Understanding of the online gaming industry
  • Experience of working or leading in different delivery methodologies

About you 

Do you need to be familiar with all of the tech listed above? Absolutely not. The only things we require are strong programming fundamentals and a desire to learn. All employees at tombola are passionate about their chosen career paths and if successful, you'll be working with people that love what they do – therefore, you should too. 

We look for the following from our people:

  • Good communication. It sounds clichéd but things like being able to express your ideas clearly, talking to non-technical colleagues and effective feedback during code reviews are incredibly important.
  • A desire to learn. The platform team do a lot of things other companies don't, so there is a lot to learn. But that's a good thing as we don't what to stand still. We want people who want to improve themselves.
  • Suggest improvements. We're constant looking to improve the way we do things. From managing our workloads, to the way we deliver our code. We have an open attitude to new ideas. If you don’t like the way something is done all we ask is that you suggest a better way of doing it.
  • Think of new and unique ways to improve our customers experience. Ultimately that is what tombola is about, giving value to customers.

Build Key Relationships:

  • Bingo specific relationships with be with Bingo Head of Operations, Product Management Lead, Bingo Engine Lead, Bingo Platform Lead and Senior Application Infrastructure Engineer
  • Company wide relationships will be with, Head of Product & Commercial Development, other Heads of Operations, Game / Engine / Platform Leads, Marketing, Customer Services

Contact information

To apply please visit:

How to apply

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