Young Keen And Eager And Looking for a Great Job

If you’re under 19 and realise you’ve got to make the most of your life, you’ve got loads of options to look into and have a think about. We’d advise that first up you should have a good think about what you’re interested in and what kind of job you could see yourself being a success in.

For example, do you think you have the confidence to be ‘customer-facing’, dealing with people face-to-face in anything from retail, banking or beauty sector job roles to roles in hotels, bars or the leisure industry. Perhaps you see yourself in customer support or more behind the scenes as a chef, cook, secretary a call centre role?

It’s important to think about what you enjoy doing, what you’re good at doing and what you’re interested in doing – then stick it all together and, hey presto, with a bit of luck you’ll be on the way to deciding what’s going to be the right career for you!

Then you’ll need to look into the best way of making the most of your chance to get into that career. Is there on-the-job training available, or an Apprenticeship scheme? Perhaps you’d need to complete a specific college, NVQ, AS or A Level course.

And, before all that, you may well need five good GCSE's (grades A* to C), so if you didn’t achieve those first time round, it really will change your future for the better if you set about having another go at getting those grades.

Check out some or all of the websites below for much more information, or if you’re interested in working for a particular company, why not see what’s on offer through their own website or send a CV? Most businesses are delighted to hear from people interested in working for them as it saves a lot of time and money to recruit that way! Above all, take your time and make sure that you only do what’s right for you.